Sarah, Alonso, Tampa, FL

My husband and I had an anniversary trip planned and it was out of country. Last minute, my original plans for our kids fell through due to unforeseen circumstances. So I had to figure something out or we weren’t going to be able to go. I was scared of what to do and thought I was going to have to cancel my long awaited trip. I was hesitant to call DM at first because I thought it was a crazy idea to leave my kids with someone I didn’t know. I decided to call just to see how I felt. I spoke to Synthia, I expressed my fear and concerns and she totally understood and really made me feel really comfortable. She explained everything they do to assure their staff is top notch. They aren’t just hiring random people. They are very thorough. She worked with me and fulfilled every request and question I had. She was so patient and didn’t make me feel bad for asking so many questions. She understood my concerns and was very flexible. She made the process easy. My kids loved Aislynn! She made sure I knew my kids were doing great the whole time. She even told me how sad she felt dropping them off the last time at school when the week was over. I can’t express how thankful I am that I was able to focus on having fun on my trip and not worrying. It was invaluable! I am excited to use DM for any future overnights we may have. Thank you so so much!

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