Scott Davis, Tampa, FL

We were blessed to be introduced to Gabi and Synthia several months ago, and they have quickly become part of our extended family. They take amazing care of our children and even stay with them in our home while we were out of town for business or on vacation. These young ladies provide much more than a “babysitting” service. They take our children to the aquarium, zoo, and on prearranged play dates with children from other Doublemint families. They are educated and well spoken. They take photos of what our children are up to and constantly keep us informed regarding their activities. We trust them with our home, our vehicles, and most importantly, our children. The other young ladies who work for them are also fantastic. We regularly refer them to other parents at the children’s school and to my clients. Trust me, look no further as Doublemint Sitting is the best of the best!!

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