Meet Sitter Beth

Beth babysitter and nanny service


I’m a mom to three amazing children who are my joy and center. I left a little bit of my heart in Tallahassee as my oldest daughter, Katie is at FSU; my ginger look-alike daughter, Lauren, is a senior at Plant High School and my bonus baby, Jack, is a first grader at Roosevelt Elementary.

While much of my life has been spent at home with my kids, I’ve also had the opportunity to work a lot of fun and interesting part-time jobs in that timespan, from freelance writer and public relations consultant, to real estate assistant, to boutique and home furnishing customer service associate to culinary saleswoman!

I am passionate about all things home and garden in my own life and have also helped clients professionally to make their own world more beautiful. I love to paint read and write, and am an accomplished home cook. Next challenge is mastering the art of pasta making. Bring it on, gnocchi!

​Fun Fact: I can’t beatbox, but I can play the accordion!!