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Doublemint Sitting is Florida's #1 Babysitting and Pet Sitting Referral Service.

Doublemint Sitting is the #1 referral babysitting and pet sitting service in the following cities and surrounding areas: Tampa, Ft. Myers, Naples, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tallahassee. We specialize in families with multiples, and special needs.

Doublemint Sitting refers high energy sitters, who are reliable and loyal to your home. The Doublemint team has an extensive application process to ensure the highest quality sitters for your family. The application process includes a Federal Background check, a detailed list of references, clean driving record, group interviews, random drug tests and a training orientation. We find members of our team through word of mouth, online advertising, and referrals through the presence in the local community.

Doublemint Sitting Hillsborough County Small Business 2018
2018 Small Business of the Year by the Hillsborough County Commissions

As a team, we provide basic life skills, mentoring, social enrichments, transportation assistance, homework help, and basic household chores. Unlike other childcare agencies, we do not have any hidden fees or membership fees to use our services.

​Doublemint Sitting has multiple partnerships with local Tampa Bay businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the community such as: Best Buddies of Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay Down Syndrome Association, Hyde Park United Methodist Church, Bricks 4 Kids, Camp Shalom of Central Florida and many more. Doublemint Sitting was also awarded 2018 Small Business of the Year by the Hillsborough County Commissions.

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Get to Know the Owners

Gabriela and Synthia became a team after working together in a group foster home. Through a few months of networking, dedication, hard work, and late nights they began branching our there babysitting services in South Tampa. After quickly realizing there LOVE for working with children and families, Doublemint Sitting was established in 2013.

​The owners of Doublemint Sitting are members of the Tampa Bay Entrepreneurial Committee and also state certified Applied Behavioral Assistants, with the ability to provide ABA Therapy. ABA is an acronym for Applied Behavioral Therapy. This simply is the application of behavioral principles to everyday life situations. The objective of ABA is that over time negative behaviors will decrease, and positive behaviors will increase. ABA has been used to help individuals to acquire many different skills, such as: language, self-help, and play skills. These principles help decrease maladaptive behaviors such as aggression, self-injury, and self-stimulatory. This service is appealing to those families with special needs.

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Gabi & Synthia

Doublemint-Sitting-Owners babysitter and nanny service
Gabriela (left), Synthia (right)

Proud Member of

Elizabeth - Woman in red dress holding baby

Hello! I’m Elizabeth on paper but all my friends know me as Ebay (no not like the website). I’m a cool mom to a cute little babe named Willow Eloise and her fur brother and sister, Finn and Mako. We are a water loving, craft making, puppy pals chilling kinda family of four.

Before motherhood I found a nitch in the bridal industry as a boutique consultant and marketing manager. I found a passion for designing and creating both gowns and social media content. As my life was was preparing for motherhood I made a very hard choice to leave bridal (sad face) and take up social media full time (happy face) as my career so I had to opportunity to stay home with Lo and raise our tiny tribe.

After a collective of five years in boutique bridal marketing and 2 years with a creative agency I’ve now stepped into the fierce world of business ownership and treating myself to be my own boss! Mabry Collective is just another part of the family.

DMS has become my home away from home for my family. Gabi and Synthia give me a reason to sound cliche and say “they are my literal personal saints”. I’m able to create for my clients, Doublemint included, and know my carbon copy is learning, experiencing, and growing with two more strong women on her life.