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Yes. If a cancellation is made 24 hours prior to the scheduled sitting, 50% of the time requested is owed.

For example, 5 hours requested for one child at $12.00/hr= $60.00. In this case we would ask for $30.00.

No cancellation fee with over 24 hours notice.

If it is a true medical emergency, we can accommodate. Other then that you will be required to pay your cancellation fee.

Yes. Some sitters drive and some do not, for added security we ensure al of our sitters have clean driving records. In the event that you need transportation for your child, please request a sitter with proper transportation at time of booking.

Yes. Also, our sitters have experience with specialty diets (gluten free, vegetarian, and food allergies) upon request.

For one sitter, four children is maximum. However, if families were interested in group date nights where they bring all the children to one house, we will accommodate with two or more sitters as necessary.

Yes, we have a 3 hour minimum for all sitting jobs.

No. Every sitter follows the Doublemint rates. Learn more about Doublemint Sitting rates here.

Absolutely! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your sitter we will work with you to pair the perfect sitter that meets and exceed all of your family’s expectations. We value every family we work with.

How we stand out from the rest.

Comparison Doublemint Sitting Care.com Local Sitters
Background Checked YES, all sitters are federally background checked If you pay for it or now another family that has used this sitter. If you pay for this to be done on your own.
Managed Locally YES. NO. Zero accountability or a management team to help with bookings.
Available in other cities in Florida YES, we have presence in 9 Florida cities and are growing. Our sitters are willing to travel. YES. NO.
CPR / First Aid Certified YES, the majority of our sitters are CPR/First Aid Certified. Dependent on the sitter. Dependent on if the sitter obtained those certifications on their own.
Is back up available in the event my sitter may call out sick? YES, depending on availability. We have over 100 sitters, typically we are able to find back up Only if you have hired more than one sitter. From there, you can call backup. If he/she has friends that are available to babysit for you.
Interviewed by a Childcare Expert YES, by the Doublemint Sitting management team. Reference are available upon request. NO. NO, but the sitter may have references he/she can provide.
Membership Fees NO. YES. NO.
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